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If you like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, then this site is NOT FOR YOU. This site was created out of the need to define and discuss political issues, how we handle them and to find candidates to promote these issues: 1 US President, 34 US Senators and 435 US House of Representatives. Vote on 11/8/2016!

You hate both
Great, stay on!
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Everyone who is not happy with our current government and presidential candidates:

  • stop bitching
  • stop complaining
  • stop wining
  • run for President, US Senate or House of Representatives
  • vote for our independent candidate
  • spread the good word

We are in search of an electable presidential candidate.

Get involved, help us fix America

Most important, vote on 11/8/2016! That's how we fix America


Let's all try and be a little nicer.  I think there is too much anger out there, let's calm down, use the democartic process as it is intended and fix our great country step by step.

All information herein is now 'public domain'. We encourage you to spread the word, copy, re-post, re-print any or all information published herein.  We also encourage you to help us refine and improve any points posted using our website.    



This is a people driven initiative.  Your donation is needed to keep the momentum going and to find and sponsor alternative, independent candidates.

Our government is 'We The People' and we must either stick together as we the people or let rich people, corrupt politicians or powerful businesses run our country.

No donation is too small or too high.

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Most important political Issues:


NO WALL. Guests fill out online form and deposit $2k into escrow. Enter at border, get entry stamp. Leave at border, get escrow back. Guests can work, but companies must hire US citizens before guests

Your Vote:

Flat Tax / Balanced Budget

A simple flat tax will be implemented. A calculation on what we spend results in a tax rate to be charged on all income. Total tax equality for all

Your Vote:

Replace Obama Care

Allow small to large Doctor groups/teams. Cut 50% cost by patient signing not to sue. Very expensive illnesses covered by nation. Insurance is nothing more than a complex spreadsheet.

Your Vote:


The US Economy has been broken for a while. We have too many regulations. Let's remove many stupid laws, replace Obama Care. Incentives for businesses to come back

Your Vote:


For over 40 years abortion has been legal. We will fight to keep it legal indefinitely. The republications bring up this issue at every election. Then do nothing.

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Marriage Equality

We will fight to keep Gay Marriage legal in all of US. Tired of hearing Republicans bringing in their church. Our laws are not tied to religion. Wake up.

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Legalize Marijuana/Pot

Legalize Marijuana/Pot in all USA, treat it the same way as alcohol. You can have 100lbs in your car and/or house. We should create ADS to discourage use of drugs

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Education in US is broken. Let's create a new educational system. The new system will use technology heavily. We need a parallel system and students can choose.

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Drinking age to 18

We let our daughters/sons fight at 18. We let them die for our country, but forbid them to have a glass of beer. Let's lower the drinking age to 18 all US

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